Donations and Volunteering


The library welcomes donations for the purchase of materials, furnishings and programming.

With a donation of $500 or more, a plaque with an inscription of your choice will be placed in the library’s foyer on the donation pathway.

Donations to purchase specific items for the library may be considered. Please contact the library if you would like more information.


A lasting memory of a person who has passed away can be a book or other item to be added to the library.  The person who has died may have had a favorite area of interest such as gardening or history that would afford an opportunity to make a welcome addition to the library’s collection.

Memorials include a plaque placed inside the cover of the book with an inscription of the donor’s choice.


There are many excellent opportunities to assist with a variety of activities at the Washington District Library. Volunteers provide a valuable service to the library. We ask that each person volunteering dedicate a couple of hours at a set time weekly to work in the library. The list of tasks can change frequently and no library skills are necessary. If you would like to volunteer in the library, please pick up an application at the Main Library.  If you have questions, contact our library volunteer coordinator, Emily Householter at (309) 444-2241.